Uplighting Rental in Westchester NY


Uplighting is a discreet ambient light (typically 12-16 lights) placed around the perimeter of your event space, along the walls and pillars, and aimed toward the ceiling to create an inviting atmosphere that flawlessly matches your color theme. This elegant lighting will transform your event space into an engaging and aesthetically pleasing environment that allows your guests to comfortably be their best self on your dance floor!


Uplighting provides the perfect combination of elegance and sophistication where traditional lighting sources fall short.  Rather than have your venue crank their lights or have your photographer rely on their spotlights to get their shots and disturb your party, our uplights provide the perfect amount of light to keep the party going!  The true beauty of our uplighting is the ability to match ANY color theme and change throughout the evening as the event’s energy progresses.  From simple champagne, fall or floral tones to more bold and energetic colors, our uplighting can change instantaneously and is the perfect addition to your event!


Many vendors offer “uplighting” but not all uplighting is the same. We have the ability to control not only the colors and power/dimness of our uplights remotely from our DJ booth and with NO wires running around your event space. Our 100% wireless setups are iPad controlled and can be positioned anywhere to create the perfect WOW factor. Want to enhance the architectural elements of your venue? With Turntable Events, anything is possible.

make any boring ceiling, wall or floor

come to life

Pattern Lighting

The latest trend in wedding lighting is here. Redefine your event space with remarkable patterns, unique style and designer themes. Our extraordinary pattern lighting creates an atmosphere unlike any other. Transport your guests into the heart-melting wonderland. This type of lighting has been traditionally reserved for high-end celebrity events and is now available to all of our clients! Our private event and wedding lighting Westchester NY services (and NY metro area) are the perfect solution for your event!

Intelligent Lighting

For high-energy events and grand entrances, Turntable Events intelligent lighting is the perfect compliment. With many trussing and tower setup options, our intelligent lighting will take your event to the next level.

Since each lighting space has different requirements, please contact us to discuss your lighting vision!